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In July Reyanna completed her seventh session of chemotherapy.  The last one was delayed by a few days so that she could be a bridesmaid with Demie at her auntie Dena's wedding to Joe.   A couple of years earlier she was bridesmaid to another auntie, Heidi, when she married Julian.

At first she was very tired but once at the reception she had us running around after her and managed to keep on the dance floor all evening, longer than most of us!

On August 11th Reyanna had an operation to remove the abdominal tumour.  This was only partially successful as the cancer was still active in her body which meant that she would need further 'high dose' chemotherapy.  This treatment lowers the blood count for a long time which would make her prone to serious infections.

To shorten this period when the blood count is so low Reyanna will be having an autologous bone marrow graft.  This means that Reyanna's bone marrow will be removed and re-infused after the chemotherapy.  This will involve a long stay in hospital, at least 10 weeks, with much of it spent in isolation.

It is proving to be an extremely difficult and emotional time for the family and we all have different ways of coping. Mine is by writing this web diary and by raising funds for the Neuroblastoma Society.  It is good to have something to focus on but it is a distressing time for her parents.

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