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September - Reyanna was back in hospital for more chemotherapy.  As she is underweight she has been fitted with a feeding tube so that she can be fed overnight.  Her doctors are unhappy with her weight loss and will be carrying out some more tests and a bone scan.

October - Reyanna has an infection at the moment and is having to go to hospital for antibiotics and an overnight feed.  She is still being remarkably brave.   She always manages to keep us entertained on visits to the hospital.  The staff are wonderful and Reyanna loves to play at 'nurses'.

Monday 18 - Reyanna will be going to the Royal Marsden Hospital to be prepared for the harvesting of her stem cells for the autologous bone marrow graft.   We hope that this is the last major treatment she will need.

October 19 - Last night we were disappointed to be told that Reyanna's bone scan was not clear and the next course of treatment would have to be decided.

October 22 - Meeting at Great Ormond Street.  Today's news was not what we had wanted to hear.  It  not only confirmed that the cancer was still there but that more tumours had been found.  The fact that the cancer had returned meant that it was now immune to the chemotherapy and if not treated would eventually return to the bone marrow.  It was decided that the way forward would be to try radiotherapy.  Reyanna has to have a mIBG scan to ascertain whether this treatment would be suitable.   If the doctors decide to go ahead she will go into hospital at the beginning of December where she will be isolated in a lead protected room for 5-7 days.   Her parents would not be able to touch her or comfort her because of the high doses or radiotherapy used.  It is a heart-breaking thought.

November 26 - Today we received the news we were dreading.   Doctors have decided that radiotherapy is not suitable for Reyanna and that her cancer is incurable.  Although we knew that this could happen we had hoped and prayed that a cure would be found.  Reyanna will be taking a drug called etoposide which is a form of chemotherapy that can be taken in capsule form at home and will keep her as well as possible.  Our main concern is that she stays the happy little girl she has always been.

Christmas 1999

It is impossible to come to terms with what is happening to Reyanna. She is eating well and looking better than she has done for quite a while.

She couldn't wait to open her presents on Christmas Day and the look of joy on her face was a delight. It was a wonderful day shared by the whole family.

Reyanna was ill with frequent infections after Christmas and was taken into hospital at the beginning of May. Her condition didn't improve and she was put on to a life support machine. We talked to her and played music hoping that she could still hear us. Sadly Michael and Marie were told that there was no hope and the machine should be switched off. The following day was Demie's birthday so it was decided that it would be unfair on her to have such a sad reminder every year. Two days later, Reyanna passed away peacefully in her parent's arms. I can honestly say that this was the saddest day of my life, not only to lose Reyanna but to see the grief and suffering of my son.


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